Tuason Racing School pushes the vision to produce a world-class Filipino race car driver with the introduction of the Formulas V1 Challenge in May.


TRS president JP Tuason sees the new car racing series as the next big step for the current crop of talented Filipino drivers to level up and hone their skills to the next level.

With the increasing incidence of road accidents in the country, Tuason Racing School (TRS), a prominent name in local race training and motorsports organizer, has made road safety program its core advocacy and corporate social responsibility initiative.

We are now on our 5th year in organizing the California Superbike School and we will be conducting our program on March 09-10, 2018 at the Clark International Speedway. 

CLEANFUEL, the full-service station that provides QUALITY FUEL FOR LESS, supports California Superbike School (CSS), Philippines. This event will give riders a chance to experience high performance riding with training coaches coming from the world’s best superbike training school. Founded by Keith Code in the United States 33 years ago, CSS has trained more than 150,000 riders worldwide, even producing champions in the prestigious MotoGP race events.

Written by:  Keshy Dhillon
Photos by: Keshy Dhillon
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The CSS is one of the oldest motorcycle riding schools in the world.
The coaches are certified and teach you everything they learn from the founder of the CSS – Keith Code.