Basic Race Training

Basic Circuit Racing Class

A wholeday course which dives into what it takes to maximize a race car on the track. Discussions include track safety, flag signals, racing lines and proper gear shifting. Participants will have 5 x 20 mins driving sessions on track. Drivers must have knowledge in driving Manual Transmission.
Level 1 – Php 5,000
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• Track Fee
• Use of Safety Gear
• Use of Vios Cup Race Car
• Refreshments
• Half Day Session AM/PM
• Instructor/ Coach
  (1:2 Ration)
Level 2 – Php 25,000
• Track Fee
• Use of Safety Gear
• Packed Lunch
• Whole Day Session
• Instructor/ Coach(2:1 Ration)
• Use of Special Training Equipment
• Speed Guns/Data Loggers/AIM
• Option to Use TRS Vios Cup
   Race Car

Basic Karting Class

A halfday course that allows participants to get a feel of kart driving using ex-race karts. Basic racing principles are discussed leading into the requirements to get started in kart racing. Drivers need no prior driving experience. Ages start at 8 years old.

Formula Car Testing

A wholeday course that uses ex-formula race cars. TRS works directly with Eurasia racing team to provide racers an opportunity to test state of the art formula cars in preparation for training and racing in the Asian formula series. Drivers must have previous race experience in either karts or cars.

High Performance Driving

TRS offers a new program for people who want to maximize driving their own high powered cars, we use state of the art diagnostic equipment that can show proper driving techniques for specific vehicles. Training includes, on board documentation, GPS data logging, Instructor, driving and technique Evaluation.

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