TRS Track Attack

TRS Track Attack allows non-professional circuit racing aspirants to join a time trial competition using the same track as professional drivers. The results validate a drivers skill and potential and becomes a starter program for getting into professional circuit racing. Participants are bracketed by power levels, validated with a chassis dynamometer available on-site. Safety requirements are seatbelts, helmets, pants and long-sleeved shirts.

TRS Retro Race

Classic and old school cars will surely give spectators the feeling of being time-warped back to the 60’s in the TRS Retro Race which is held at the Batangas Racing Circuit and Clark Speedway. Only Cars 1985 and older are allowed to compete making the race track a moving classic car motor show with impeccably-restored Mini, Volkswagen, Datsun, Toyota and Ford taking the spotlight in this event. Over 30 participants will dispute the titles in the Overall, Mini Cooper, VW and the Oldschool division for all other car types.

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