Formula V1 Philippines

TRS brought the popular Formula V1 series here in the Philippines to open doors for those who want to up their game on the motorsports ladder back in 2017. Since then, it blossomed to align with all the racing programs in the country to create a platform for motorsports fans and gain from each experience.

California Superbike School

The California Superbike School offers a step-by-step method of technique-oriented rider training in the art of cornering motorcycles.

Formula V1 Virtual Cup

The 1st homegrown Filipino ESports Racing Series aims to continue expanding its virtual motorsports program and create a platform for racing and motorsports enthusiasts to pursue ESports.

Tuason Racing ESports School (TRES)

2022 marks another opportunity for ESports enthusiasts to take the leap and learn the basics of ESport Racing. TRES or Tuason Racing Esports School will teach basic ESports skills with the best trainers and coaches and give opportunities to compete in local and international ESports competitions.