We can tailor fit your needs with detailed hand washing, both interior and exterior. If you’re in a hurry take a trip through our express lane machine wash!


We don’t use any products or machinery that may damage your car. An attendant is always at the controls supervising to ensure the safety of your vehicle. 


We are truly a 100% satisfaction guaranteed business. At the end of each of your wash, opt in for the final inspection where we walk through your service! 

Tuason Racing

Tuason Racing has been in the motorsports/automotive industry for 40 years, with 22 years of experience in handling quality motorsports events like Autocross, Rally, OMR, and Motorsports Festivals, making us the premier motorsports event organizers in the region. With a lot of achievements in the racing industry under its belt, Tuason Racing was accredited by Philippine and Singapore Automobile Association and FIA for driving training and race organization, which makes the company a credible company to organize world-class motorsports events. The company is also best known for successfully organizing the biggest grassroots one-make race, the Vios Racing Festival, and the homegrown Formula V1 Race challenge. We have brought our Filipino racing champions to compete and wave our flags at the Formula One circuit in Japan. Brought in international racers to go wheel to wheel with our own. We paved the way for the rebirth of the single-seaters. Last year, we rolled out the Race for Frontliners and the homegrown Formula V1 Virtual Cup. We also launched the first-ever Formula V1 Fantasy League which included race fans in the excitement to keep the Filipino Racing Spirit alive. This 2021, we are blazing the way both online and on track partnering up with different brands to create motorsports and racing events that will surely put racing back on track once again, opening new doors to aspiring racers as well.

Our goal is to create a career path for young aspiring race car drivers in the country

JP Tuason