Tuason Racing

For over four decades, Tuason Racing has been a pivotal force in the motorsports and automotive industry, boasting 25 years of expertise in orchestrating premier motorsports events such as Autocross, Rally, OMR, and Motorsports Festivals. A rich tapestry of achievements in the racing domain underpins our distinction as the foremost motorsports event organizers in the region. Accreditation by both the Philippine and Singapore Automobile Associations, along with the FIA for driving training and race organization, underscores our credibility in staging world-class motorsports events. Tuason Racing is renowned for successfully spearheading the largest grassroots one-make race, the Vios Racing Festival, and the indigenous Formula V1 Race challenge. Our commitment to excellence has seen us elevate Filipino racing champions onto the global stage, notably at the Formula One circuit in Japan. We have facilitated international racers to compete head-to-head with our local talents, contributing to the resurgence of single-seater racing. In the previous year, our innovative endeavors included the Race for Frontliners and the Formula V1 Virtual Cup, alongside the launch of the pioneering Formula V1 Fantasy League. This initiative fueled the passion of racing fans and played a vital role in keeping the Filipino Racing Spirit vibrant. As we navigate through 2024, Tuason Racing is at the forefront of blending online and track-based experiences, collaborating with various brands to craft motorsports and racing events that promise to reignite the racing scene. This approach opens new avenues for budding racers, ensuring that the legacy and excitement of racing continue to thrive.

Our goal is to create a career path for young aspiring race car drivers in the country

JP Tuason